“It’s that time of year, when good friends are dear, and you wish you could give more than just presents from a store . . .”

Lasang Pinoy 16Another year, another Christmas will soon pass our way. For those of us who have celebrated this – year after year after year, for soooo many years…aren’t we tired of it?

HECK NO! This is the month that most of us look forward to – the whole year! The magic that comes with Christmas, somehow washes off our negative vibes, rejuvenates our “happy” hormones, and pushes us to tirelessly prepare for the numerous celebrations. And like everywhere else in the world, this is the time to bond, the time to give, the time to share.

For the 16th Edition of Lasang Pinoy Food Blogging Event that ALA EH! is proud to host, we tackle the challenges of gift-giving – PINOY HOLIDAY FOOD GIFTS in particular. The challenge of gift giving turns holiday cheer into holiday fear for many. Gift etiquette and choosing the perfect HOLIDAY FOOD GIFT stumps even the savviest of shoppers. What you should give and whom you should give to are two questions sure to cause hours of deliberation and, finally, preparation and cooking – if you have to do it yourself!

Filipinos are natural gift-givers. For example, when someone cooks pansit, lumpia or turon, they are usually shared with neighbors or relatives. In a Filipino party, the host customarily prepares abundant food so that guests could take some of the delicious food home. Filipino hospitality and generosity always show up during Christmas; special cakes, fruits and other food items would be sent by those who could afford them. Such gifts would be sent a few days before Christmas, in time for the receiving family’s Noche Buena or on Christmas day. []

Christmas, the longest festival in the Philippines, has always been a special time for Filipinos. It is a season of togetherness with all the members of the family — grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and even neighbors and close friends whom we come to regard as family. Christmas won’t be Pinoy without a lot of people gathered around the dining table during noche buena, or by the sala during gift-giving time. Pinoys don’t really care much for Santa Claus and his reindeers. As long as friends and family are there, with lots of FOOD, then, Christmas will always be Pinoy.

Therefore, FOOD GIFTS are some of the most welcome and appreciated tokens of sharing during the Christmas season.

And for this round, tell us about all your wonderful food gift ideas! It could be something you cook to take to family reunions, gatherings at friends’ places, potluck Christmas parties, etc.

Or tell us a story about that particular dish you love to cook and give away during the holidays – about its origin or tradition. Or say, your family is known to cook a special dish for generations, and during family reunions or other holiday gatherings, you are expected to bring it along. Or dishes you grew up cooking with your lola, mom, sister, brother, or kids during the season.

You don’t cook? Tell us then about food gifts you love to buy from supermarkets, restaurants, pastry shops, and even from enterprising Pinoys around the metropolis.

For those outside the Philippines, dishes that are popular in your area and how you make it as something your own – Pinoy style!

Who may participate?

All Filipino food bloggers are highly-encouraged to join the event, be they in the country or abroad.

Non-food bloggers of Filipino ancestry are also invited; no matter how many generations they have been out of the country or who have never been to the Philippines but still identify themselves as Filipino [or part Filipino, married or related to Filipinos].

Entries from other Filipino food and culture enthusiasts are very much welcome.

Non-bloggers may also join as long as their entries are hosted in any blog.

How to participate?

All entries must be submitted by 30th December 2006 at 7:30 pm, Manila time. A round-up will be published after the New Year celebs.

For entries [or further queries], you may send an email to or to with your name, address, the name of your blog, and the permalink to your entry.

You may also post it via the comment section of this post. For non-bloggers, you can email your article and photo, if you have, with the same particulars. We would be more than happy to host it in one of the sites.

Please indicate in the subject field Lasang Pinoy 16 [ ’Entry’ or ‘Query’ ] for all correspondence to facilitate identification.

Please also include this tag Lasang Pinoy 16 at the end of your post, to ping Technocrati.

By the way, I’d like to mention/remind the important fact that Lasang Pinoy was created to promote Filipino food. Therefore, as a challenge to everyone, I would love for those of you who have never tried Pinoy food before, to maybe try one of the recipes that have already been posted in any of the Filipino food bloggers site listed here, find a recipe you like, play around and have a ball with it and share your creations this holiday season with friends and loved ones.

Happy cooking and happy holidays!

Lasang Pinoy 16


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