My apologies for this late round-up . . . When I took on the responsibility to host LP’s 16th Edition, I was already infancipating . . . A healthy baby Andrea joined my family in late February. I am now back to work in Brunei . . .

As the holiday season made its way into our homes again, whether we lovingly welcome it in or we protect ourselves from its infectious effects, we will end up giving or receiving a gift or two! There is just no excuse! Whatever amount it is, big or small, for the well heeled or not, giving is just what Christmas is all about.

For most Filipinos, who for 500 years have been Christianized, and grew up with Catholicism in their blood stream, the celebration of the birth of Christ will always be a joyous occasion. There is the much-awaited Noche Buena – midnight feast done on the eve of Christmas day, after we come back from Misa de Gallo (or Midnight Mass). The following day we continue the celebration with our best dresses on, for our traditional Christmas lunch – also the reunion lunch which normally would extend till dinner, with a lot of karaoke sessions in between. (Yes, karaoke! you are not a full blooded Pinoy if you don’t enjoy it or haven’t tried it at least! It is like a San Miguel Beer or our famous balut! Believe me, I have been away from the Philippines for quite some time now, but from where we stay – you will definitely know which houses belonged to Filipinos because Nonoy Zuniga wannabes will try very hard to give it their best shot for “I’ll never say goodbye”, and that would be like 7:30 in the morning! Love it or hate, its just so Pinoy!

Anyway, enough of the sidetrack and lets get down to the wonderful recipes & gift ideas you have shared for this round of Lasang Pinoy! It was a wonderful journey into their kitchen and a sneak peak into the lives of our dear friends from all over the world for last year’s Christmas celebration!

Here they are . . .

Ces Anciano’s Choco Crinkles

Choco Crinkles from essenCes.

Dhey’s Refrigerator Cake

Dhey’s Refrigerated Cake.

Chicken Feed

Erwin’s Fil-Canadian Lechon Manok at Iskandals.

Fried Chicken at Iskandals

Iska’s Crispy Fried Chicken at Iskandals.

Mango Jam

Mango Jam from Joey’s 80Breakfasts.

KinittyMommy’s Butter Tarts

KnittyMommy’s Butter Tarts.

Tangerine Ginger Cookies

Tangerine Ginger Cookies from Little Bites Of Nutrition.

Marketman’s Pinoy Food Gifts - 01

Marketman’s Pinoy Food Gifts | Part 1.

Marketman’s Pinoy Food Gifts - 02

Marketman’s Pinoy Food Gifts | Part 2.

Marketman’s Pinoy Food Gifts - 03

Marketman’s Pinoy Food Gifts | Part 3.

Mel’s Tamales

Tamales from Mel’s Kitchen and Garden.

Pinoy Cook’s Chocolate Polvoron

Chocolate Polvoron from Sassy, the Pinoy Cook.

Puto, Bibingka, Ensaymada and Yule Log Cake from Simply Anne’s.

Bibingka, Ensaymada, Yule Log Cake and Puto from Simply Anne’s.

Rellenong Manok and Biscotti from Stefoodie.

Rellenong Manok and Biscotti from Stefoodie.

Veronica’s Fruit Cake

Veronica’s Fruit Cake.

Haleyang Ube

and Ala Eh’s Haleyang Ube.

And since this round-up is kinda late, I hope that this would help our fellow foodies around and give them enough ideas on food gift giving for the coming holidays!

Thank you very much for joining Lasang Pinoy 16!


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